Boggy Meadow Bouillon

Fall Has Arrived

The Boggy Meadow driveway was a shag carpet of brilliant leaves this morning, which, combined with a thick mist hanging below the trees, added to the hazards of the school run as we couldn't avoid the pot holes. (note to self: drink the coffee before hitting the first crater).

Fall has kicked Indian Summer out of the way and the hard frosts are settling in at night. I have to get in the last batch of peppers, and the remaining tomatoes are a bird feed now. Will get up early tomorrow morning to harvest all the herbs and tie up bundles of sage, rosemary, mint, and oregano and hang them in dark corners around the house. Marcus's absence from the farm has emboldened the chipmunks, squirrels and skunks for now...but beware his return, you bulb eaters! Your days are numbered.


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