Boggy Meadow Bouillon

Stephanie's Simmered Mushrooms

Wild mushrooms are abundant in the fall up here in the Connecticut River Valley. And it's a perfect day for a bowl of mushrooms simmered in butter and wine, infused with salt and lemongrass and accompanied by some really crispy bread:

1. In a high sided pan fry a medley of forest mushrooms in butter, olive oil and salt
2. Once their skin starts to crisp up, pour in some white wine to cover, add pepper and a lemon grass stalk if available, otherwise fresh ginger root
3. Lower heat and simmer until much of the liquid is reduced

Serve with bread lavished with olive oil and lemon and quick broiled to crisp up.



Was driving home the other evening and the moon was rising fat and full above the tree line so I jumped out of the car to take a picture, which turned out pretty great, although I wish I had put the station wagon in park before I left it. It looks silly to chase a car.



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