Boggy Meadow Bouillon

Winter Weekend

We spent yesterday here at Boggy Meadow, sledding down the hills and digging out the chicken house and the paths from the latest reminder that Winter is sticking around a good while yet. It felt like the perfect day to make a soup as green as possible to counteract the brilliant white on white out there.
Chopped a red onion and some garlic and sweated them in olive oil, salt, pepper and the quarter bottle of white wine left over from the day before. Then, I chopped up roughly five bunches of organic watercress I picked up at the Brattleboro Coop and threw them in the pot and poured a jug of water over them and let the whole thing simmer away for an hour. Then I strained out the broth which I will use for the next few days and whizzed up the veg in the mixer with some greek yoghurt and lemon juice.  It tasted green and looked like Spring. Come on out, groundhogs! We eagerly await you.

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