Boggy Meadow "Switchel" Cider Vodka

Switchel single bottle

Boggy Meadow "Switchel" Cider Vodka

Switchel, a traditional recipe during haying time, was served as a thirst quencher to the hardworking farmhands in the field. We combine this restorative botanical essence of boiled apple cider, ginger, and the slightest touch of vinegar with the highest quality grain neutral SPIRITS - distilled six times to capture the clarity of the ingredients.

35% Alcohol by Volume - 70 Proof - 750 mL

Tasty & Exceptional - Crafted in New Hampshire 

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Boggy Meadow "Switchel" Cider Vodka can be purchased at these locations.

13 Boggy Meadow Lane Walpole, NH 03608 | Tel: 603-756-3300